About Us

Founded in 1972, PT. Kotamas Makmur National Agency has been a key player in two broad areas of business: Household and Gift (Fancy) items. We focus on the import of high quality products that are channeled through 11 of our own retail stores (Homeland and Giftland), as well as distributed to over a hundred counters in major department stores and retail chain stores across Indonesia.

Household Items

We carry our own brand, DYNASTY, which consists of numerous collections of diningware made out of porcelain and bone china, as well as cutleries and utensils. We have also been an agent for Hankook Ceramics (Korea) in Jakarta, Indonesia for almost 20 years. Hankook Ceramics is a prestigious manufacturer of high quality Ceramic Tableware which is recognized as the most popular chinaware among high society homes and first class hotels and restaurants in Indonesia.

Our diningware range is further complemented with various table & kitchenware items such as glass items, food containers, and serving utensils from various international brands such as Seagull (Thailand), Regent (Hong Kong), Neoflam (Korea) and Lucky Glass (Thailand). With 30 years of experience, our extensive range of products has expanded in both quality and quantity, thus making us the preferred and trusted supplier not only for individual households, but also hotels and restaurants across the country.

Gift Items

We have a wide variety of gift items available, including: photo frames and albums, stuffed animals, unique gift items, toys (educational, puzzle), stationery, kids’ stuff & accessories, seasonal items (eg. christmas tree/ornaments), and more. In addition to our own stores, customers can easily find our products in the fancy section of the major department stores and bookstores in their cities to which we distribute to. Our company also accepts orders of household items (eg. Mugs) and various gift items that can be used as company promotional items and wedding souvenirs.

We are currently in the process of making a more comprehensive website to provide you with more information on our company as well as our product details. In the meantime, should you have any query please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.